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ASU Blockchain Research

In November of 2017, ASU Blockchain Research Lab and The Luminosity Lab submitted a joint proposal ( to the Dash treasury system for a $350,000 charitable grant to fund blockchain focused scholarships ($100,000), an online blockchain course ($100,000), and further blockchain research and development pertaining to the Dash network ($100,000 and $50,000 to ASU Blockchain Research Lab and The Luminosity Lab respectively). The proposal passed and ASU received funding in December of 2017.

With this grant, Dash and ASU create the first-ever university-level scholarship and online course funded by a decentralized network.

About Dash:

Dash is one of the largest digital currencies (by market cap) and is based on the Bitcoin software. Among other features like InstantSend and PrivateSend, the former allowing for near instant confirmation times and the latter enabling privacy of transactions, the Dash network has a treasury system. This treasury system is allotted a budget every month and proposals are submitted to the network for a fee of 5 DASH. Once a proposal is submitted, the network then votes, in a completely decentralized manner, on the proposals they see value in and want to support. If the proposal passes, the blockchain itself (through a superblock) distributes the allotted amount of the budget to the payout address specified when the proposal was submitted.