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ASU Blockchain Research

ASU’s Blockchain Research Lab was recently awarded Best Collaborative US Partner by Next Generation Internet (NGI), an EU-US research and innovation collaboration!

The award is part of the “NGI Explorers Program,” a 3-year project aiming to establish a continuous dialogue and joint development on technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, and blockchain. Successful applicants received funding to travel overseas and work with a variety of collaborative partners.

The Blockchain Research Lab was one such partner, supervising five projects out of the forty-nine total. From Iwona Stefanik, NGI Project Manager:

“The feedback from these Explorers and results achieved through the collaborations were the key factors [for selecting] ASU as a winner. We would like to thank you for your outstanding contribution to encouraging, developing and facilitating cooperative activities in fields of common interest, research and development activities in science and technology, particularly in better understanding the fundamental properties of computer and network systems.”

Check out the award letter here!